søndag den 27. april 2014

Learning to fly...but i ain´t got wings...

Flying at the local golf coarse, a fantastic place to learn, as you can easily find your bits and pieces after a crash, be sure to go there as late as possible, sundown is my preferred time. No golfers around so the chances of getting hit by a golf ball are minimal. I usually fly from the tee, so that i can move when someone comes. But never met a golfer and if i did, they probably would not be amused.

Another Bamboo idea.

My quad took a heavy crash and the landing tubes broke, seeing as spare parts are not stocked in the European warehouse, i came up with an idea of using bamboo as landing tubes, its pretty simple and cheap, though not as durable as the original carbon fiber tubes, but it does the job.

Took my tube mount to the local garden shop and bought 3 x 1 meter of bamboo that is roughly 4,7 mm in size, just simply cut the bamboo accordingly and mount it on.

Repairing a broken frame.

Well was out flying yesterday and the quad took a pretty heavy crash from about 30 meters straight down onto the ground. Pretty much everything was torn apart and had to be put back together. The aluminium motor tube broke right where the first screw mounts, this practically meant a new tube and a wait for a couple of weeks until the spare parts arrived from Hobbyking US. The european center doesn´t stock spare parts for this frame.

I came up with a fantastic idea, i went down to the local garden shop and bought a stick of bamboo, just thick enough so as i could force it between the broken tube, i feed it about 5 cm in the tube, cut off the back end leaving just enough for the other broken piece

I took a two 2 mm drill and drilled holes through the bamboo using the original holes as a guideline.

Mounted the tube back on the frame

Now...good to go...no time wasting waiting for spares...