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SunnySky X2212 980KV

I have been hearing quite a lot of nice things about the SunnySky X series and when searching the internet and comparing the NTM 2826 that i have with the SunnySky's equivalent, the conclusion is that the standard bearings on the SunnySky are way better, more efficient and give an increased flight time. Here is just one such review. I figured that i ought to upgrade my motors and try these out. As you might know i like to buy a lot of stuff off Ebay and i am well aware of the fact that some of the quality is rubbish, brand products are often copied, sold at a cheaper price and the quality is nowhere near the original product. Most of the stuff i purchase is actually cheap and inexpensive stuff like, props, screws, tools, cabling and so on, so if the quality is bad, then what the heck. Expensive stuff like motors, ESC' s, flight controllers i will usually purchase at a more reliable source to have some assurance of the quality.

Upon searching Ebay for the SunnySky X2212 980Kv, a heap of motors came up, all claiming to be original, well at least they had the original photos of the motor, taken off SunnySky's web page. I searched the the internet for "fake X2212 980Kv" and found a few blogs where a discussion was going on about a load of fake SunnySky motors.

Link to RCgroup discussion on fake motors.

This made me forget my idea of ordering these off Ebay as apparently even well renown places like and were selling these fake motors. I decided that i would try to email a seller from ebay and asked him if his were genuine and made him aware of the fact that i knew there were counterfeits around and would demand a refund if i received a fake. He assured me that he did not sell fakes.

Ebay link to the SunnySky I purchased. (read the conclusion at the bottom of this page)

I don´t have the fake motor to compare with, so I did some research and then ordered one motor, just to be sure and if his product lived up to the specifications i could order the remaining at a later stage. The motor arrived after just a week and a half which was pretty fast.

Upon examining the box and comparing it to the data in RCgroups the box looked like a fake as they state that the original packaging is to the right, the outside wire is blue.
 On my package the outside wire is red, so i assumed that this was a fake.
But according to Sunnysky their packaging is done in heat sealed thick plastic and not in zip sealed thin plastic Note from Sunnysky mine came in a heat sealed bag. So this kind of gave me some hope, that it was in fact genuine.
The motor arrived in thick and neatly heated
plastic bags 
Fake  motors often come in thin zip tied plastic bags.

 One of the other things to look for is the heat shrink that tucks the wiring into the motor housing, this is nicely done and very clean, the heat shrink goes all the way through on the fake products the heat shrink is not very neat
The motor i received was very neat, the heat shrinks are tidy in all places.

Original is on the left, notice the poorly done heat shrink
The heat shrink on the bullet connectors is also well done with good looking and quality bullet connectors 
These are the bullet connectors on the motor i received.
This image is taken off the RCblog and shows the difference in quality the original is the right

 The bearings on the motor i received look original and measured  9.52 with a caliper

The fake one are a bit smaller.

 The windings should be neat and well made. They look very tidy and well done on the one i received.

 This RCblog photo shows the difference

 The font used also tells you of the originality, on some fake models you can see the different fonts used in the S, the motor i received has the correct font.
Other things look for

I then download the motor specifications from SunnySky´s webpage and simply measured all the parts and everything seems to be in order, so my guess is that this is the genuine product. The only difference i saw was the box. So this is either a very well made fake, or an original in new packaging.
But i can in no way confirm wether this is an original or just a well made fake. Either way, the motors perform well, so all the same, been using them for a while and they do run smooth. One of my blog readers finally found the evidence that proves these are fake, thanks to papadkostas for pointing it out, the web adress at the bottom has a small space between the sky, Kostas received a batch of three motors with one of them having defect bearings. So would not recommend this unless you are willing to take a risk. These seem to be very well made fakes.

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  1. Hello and thx for the informations.
    So the ebay seller sent you a fake one right?
    I want to get sunny sky motors too but dont know where i can get genuine product.
    Some say on RCgroups that goodluckbuy provides genuine motors.

  2. No, i am positive that the one i received is genuine, it has the right specs accordng to the specifications and measurements that i downloaded off sunnyskys webpage, the windings are well made, the wiring and shrinking is very neat, it has the brass washer under the c-clip, so in my opinion he has the real deal. I started by ordering just one o be sure, have now ordered a couple from him. According to the RCgroups even goodluckbuy sold fake motors,

  3. Great, thanks for replying.
    Today i asked him if could take close photos from the motor and he denied due to no free time. But instead he he assured me that they are not selling non genuine products. I think i will buy the motors from him.
    Thank you about letting us know about him!!
    I will reply with my received motors when i'll get them.

  4. Hello again.
    The seller told me before shipping that the motor package is not the original but the motors are. Thats why u had non original case. Its weird how can he have original motors and fake boxes.

  5. Yes that is still something that i ponder upon, maybe they order them bulked and use non original package, i have been trying in all ways to determine if they are fake, but these motors have all the correct specifications in accordance to the sunnysky 980 specifications, so could have stepped up their game and made a fake that almost looks like the original. I guess i would have to order an original motor from RCbuddy to compare. Just received two in the post today, very fast shipping under a week from China to Denmark. Let me know your views when you receive yours on the originality.

  6. Hello, I received these today

    But the ebay link you provide looks the same as my fake ones, how is that?

  7. i don´t quite understand, the link that you provided are the motors that you received and pictures that you took, if that is the case, then those motors are fake, i can see that on the bottom bearing, it is smaller than the bearing on the original and as on the motor that i received, the font in SunnySky is different, the S is not correct. The pictures i have in this article came from the motor i received from the seller rocket2013, i am not saying that they are original as i cannot confirm this, but his motors have all the correct specifications, the only doubt is the packaging is not original. i see that your packaging came in an original box, but had fake motors. The link i provided sells motors that are differt than the ones you received. There are apparently many people selling these motors as original, when they are actually fake. I will post a few more pictures of the motors i received so you can se the S on the motors i received. You can of course ask for a refund on those motors as they are not original

  8. Hl2run, can see that aliexpress provide you with a refund or keep item if not as described,

  9. This listing is apparently the same motor as the listing mentioned above but with the original packaging.

  10. He told me the same about this listing. Im expecting the motors to arrive the next week since tracking shows already in greece.

  11. Look forward to hearing your opinion, I have mine mounted and the quad flies like a dream, much steadier, easier to control, more balanced than the the NTM 2826's

  12. Nice to hear that, i still havent bought many parts for my tricopter.
    Im waiting for afro esc from HK to be available on eu warehouse.
    Then i will order the tri kit, battery, many props, I think mid feb, i'll have all the parts.
    I have the radios ready, aurora 9 Tx with optima 9 Rx. and i have also ready an arduino nano with 10DOF board for FC running MW 2.3.
    I'm new to the hobby btw. :D

  13. good choice with the Afro esc, cheap simple and work well, being new to the hobby, as a newbie go cheap on stuff like props, wires, screws and as you gradually gain experience, then start worring about carbon props and stuff like that, will save you stakes of money. would advice you to start with hobbyking kk2 2.1.5 board and save the arduino for later, they require far more seting up and when the shit hits the fan and the damn thing won' t fly or it yaws, sudden flips, there are 101 places to look for the mistake, the 30 of them being on the flight controller, this makes it pretty hard to get a stabil build, the kk2 is simple and effective, it just flies practically from the first installation, adjusting is a wiz with the on board LED, it is very very cheap, once you have gained the necessary expierence then swap over. Make sure to ask advice, i documented my beginning to help other from making the same mistakes i did, so if you need help just ask.

  14. Thank you very much, I'll keep in my mind your advices!
    I want to order this tricopter kit
    because i dont want to loose time creating the tricopter body
    and this kit is really nice. I wanna run on 4Cell 4AH battery.
    I'm really confused about the props.
    I dont know if i must use all CW or CCW props.
    About the size of the props,
    I've seen the motor specs and seen that 9x4.7(thrust 1kg@15A) is good for me.

  15. Nice frame indeed, but like i said you are paying an expensive price for a beginner frame, you are liable to have crashes and the frame in my opinion is too expensive for a beginner frame, you can find cheaper frames for testing and learning and in 6 months when you are more confident, then you use that frame. In accordance to the prop direction For a tricopter, you DO NOT need counter rotating props as the yaw mechanism on the rear prop will take care of all the yaw. Have not built a tri as yet, so my knowledge is limited, here is a fantastic instructions video on some of the parameters and issues that you must be aware of

  16. In response to the prop size, i would reckon that the 9x4.7 would fit fine, use roughly the same setup, had 1100 kv motors prior to the sunnyskys and they did a wonderful job with 9047 props, here is a cheaper alternative tricopter frame cost a third of the price. I would not mount your gopro until you have able control, i was too eager to get everything going and ended up scratching the lens when i crashed. Start slow. Step 1. Build with easiest configuration possible. Step 2. Flying and repairing skills and knowing your tri, Step 3. Enjoy, step 4 Mount Camera, step 5 begin upgrading and researching new stuff like advanced fcontrollers, bigger motors, retracts, lights and stuff like that.

  17. I still dont have any kind of sports camera, this is the next thing i'll buy after i'll complete the tri and learn to fly a bit. I know this frame its too expensive for me, and i will make sure i wont try to over controll or do any flips. I will think about it more since i've still havent ordered the frame. I also found that, in the build video, this guy David highly recomends CCW props on the front motors and CW prop on the rear. Using all same props is also possible. Also thanks for the video, i will keep on my mind about the yaw servo when i'll finaly complete it(waiting kills me).

  18. I bought 5 from I received 2 originals and 3 fakes. They have all the signs that you described above. I call for a refund and was told that all were original and that they don't sell fakes. Don't try to fly them like I did because they stop working with no warning of fatigue or failure. Now I have to buy at least 2 originals.

  19. I would take a few picture of the two motors the original and the fake send the pictures to banggood and refer them to sunnysky webpage, you can also take some pictures of the fakes send them to the sunnysky support for confirmation of the originality and then forward the mail to banggood with a refund request, they state on their support side that if the product is not as described, they will provide you with a refund

  20. Anonym take a look at the product specification of the motor or from this blog and using a caliper measure and document the differences send them a refund request showing them that those motors are fake

  21. Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.

  22. Hello once again. Im still waiting for the motors. While waiting i've ordered the things i need from hobbyking, esc, battery, wires, connectors etc. And ofcouce props.
    I picked these . Dont know if this was a good choice, what do you think? Also about the frame, i decided to stay on the expensive one even if im totaly newbie. I will jump on cheap quad frame right after i'll build the tri.I'm gonna build a firmware for my cheap frame using ARM 32 Microcontroller. I've already started the project on my GitHub repo.

  23. Have not tried those, but would assume that they are better than the ons i usually use, , last time i ordered props from hobbyking i ordered these slowfly props they are better balanced than the ebay ones better manufactured, but using the cheaper ebay ones has given me the ability to smash props and keeping the cost of learning cheap, as a beginner and building your own tri, there are many factors that tend to go wrong, Badly soldered cables, PID settings, etc etc, and most of the time the props take the damage. I have just recently began to buy the more expensive and better props now tat my flying has gotten better. Thought you had ordered the motors along time ago?

  24. Yes i've ordered them 3/2 shipped on 5/2 and still waiting. The tracking shows that they are not even arrived in my country. Im waiting for the hk package to arrive this week.

  25. Alright, i got my motors today.
    Looks good, But!
    The print on the sticker says www.rcsunnysk .
    Its the same as yours, take a look.
    And all 3 that i bought were like this
    Also the bag with the prop shaft and the screws.
    The 2/3 came with not 100% as original. I'll show you with pictures soon.
    And last, one of the motors came with the cable comming from inside the motor having only the middle one heatshrinked.
    Thats all. Dont know how they will work onboard, i'll have to wait 1 week for frame to arive and 2 for the servo on the tail.
    I will share some pictures of the motors soon.

  26. Thats all i got. 1 of the 3 motors while spin makes huge vibrations.
    These motors definetely not genuine. I think i'll insist for refund.

    1. link doesn't work please check

    2. Try now, i think they were not public photos.