mandag den 5. maj 2014

A quick Ebay tip

The X650F comes with a stack of M3 plastic screws, Nylon Hex Spacers, stainless steel hex screws. The Hex spacers tend to wear and the threads become useless, this will in time require changing the screws. Around the motor mounts some of the stainless steel screws tend to fall out, making the motors vibrate more, this problem can be as mentioned in a previous article eliminated by using loctite on all the screws prior to mounting them. Hobbyking has most of these spare parts but at an expense. 10 plastic screws at $9 dollars is quite steep and on top of that you have to deal with $3-4 dollar postage rate. I searched Ebay for nylon hex spacers and here, there were bucks to be saved a whole box of assorted hex spacers and screws for the sole price of $8,89 including postage seemed like a good bargain, there should be enough parts in this box for replacements on this model and future models for a while. The only drawback is the three week delivery time.....

 This set will cost you you $8,89 including postage

This set is a bit more expensive $11,98 was the total charge.

This set like the above cost $11,98

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