søndag den 8. juni 2014

Why not to throw away broken things!

Well novices like myself, will often run into broken propellers,  motor mounts, motor arms and so on. Getting replacement parts takes time getting and costs money, as an example just ordered the H4 quad and after 3 flights the motor arm and motor mount broke...so another break from quad fun....no, get your broken stuff and DIY. The previous frame i was using the, Hobbyking X650F Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame had a broken motor mount so i striped the whole unit and grabbed two motor mounts and arms, i was able to mount them on the H4 despite the fact that the width of the H4 tube is 0,8 mm and the X650F is 13mm. Not sure if the frame will hold but it is worth the try. I didn´t have a drill to drill new holes to mount the front two arms in a H form, so i used the two holes in the front of the frame. Not sure whether this construction will work, will have to just try, if not then i just re-drill the holes and go back to the original design.

Screw, bolts, plastic screws and so on are worth a fortune, once vibrations cause screws to loosen themselves it is always nice to have reserves.

Shorted and buggered ESC´s can be used to test firmware upgrades prior to upgrading your working ESC´s on your DIY home made firmware flash unit, same thing goes for flight controllers. used cables can be reused on new ideas and so on. In short broken bits, strip and keep they will come in handy.

Sometime ago, i had bought a Hobbyking Multiwii Pro, after flying during the more wet, snowy winter season a couple of bearing in the motors ceased up, these were replaced. Later the quad began behaving very iradical and flipped all the time. I connected it to Mission planner and tested the Baro and GPS. The compass test reported a defekt and i thought that this was gone. I changed my flight controller but kept the Multiwii Pro. Just reently i decided just for fun to test if i could flash the Multiwii Pro with the Megapirates flashtool, so i flashed it with version 3.1.5 and tested the compass again, it reported the same previous defect. I then erased the eeprom and tested again. The compass was suddenly back in action. My beloved Multiwii Pro is once again mounted on my quad and back in action....so don´t throw away unless you are sure...

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