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Making Servo connectors

Making your own servo connectors

If there is one thing that I hated learning, it must be making servo connectors. Everything is small and fidgety and not very easy to assemble, i was a shear pain to begin with. Today it is one of the things i enjoy doing best. It has given me the ability to shorten or lengthen cables on my builds keeping the builds neat and tidy. It takes making quite a few cables to get it right, at times even cables that i thought were done properly, ended up being redone because of loose connections. Thats why i use a bit of solder on the wire. 28 gauge wire is relatively thin so using a dab of solder enhances the chance of a better connection. Anyway here comes a quick guide on how i make my header pin connectors and what you need to purchase to make them.

things you need
Terminal connectors female or male
28 gauge Silcone Wire
Crimping tool
Housing 1-6 slots remember to purchase the required amout of slots needed.
Wire cutters these are great use them for practically everthing, very cheap too.

Getting the stuff you need.


Making the servo connector 

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