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Turnigy Talon Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame

Check out the final build of the Turnigy Talon Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame
Turnigy Talon Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame build

Well cold and bad weather has kept me indoors for a while , doing other things of interest, but today i just received the Turnigy Talon Carbon Fiber quadcopter frame from Hobbyking. Thought i would make a short build blog on the frame.

It is neatly packed in the usual Hobbyking brown cardboard and inside the bits and pieces are packed and sealed in plastic bags.
There are not that many bits and pieces once you pack everything out and i began by putting on nice tune Isreal Vibrations - The same song, just to get me going. I initiated the build process without a manual but along the way I had to download it from HK' s web page as the center mount was a tad confusing

I began by assembling the four landing mounts using two small silver screws at the bottom of each set and the silver pipes in between. On the top comes the motor mounts.
There is a threaded side and unthreaded side, make sure to place the threaded side furthest away from the bolt head, use the four longest black screws and don't tight them just yet. 
After assembling all four you move on to the next step
Grab the center plate and mount the mount on the plate on adjacent sides using the medium sized black screws and a nut, don' t tighten it too much just yet.
Put the longest of the  arms through both mounts and tighten the screws so the mounts are firm and fixed on the plate.
Make sure to measure the length of the arms on each side to make sure they are the same length.
Clamp the tube using the top hole with a medium screw, the same applies here, the threaded side must be  furtherest from the head. finish it off with a nut.
Mount the two remaining mounts on the two shorter tubes.
mount the mount on the plate using a black medium screw and the copper screw. Tighten it so it is just a tad loose. You need to align the whole structur after mounting the whole unit.
I forot to mount the medium sized tube clamp screw so had to unscrew both sides, mount the screw and redo the copper screws on the plate.
After mounting the four copper screws you are ready for the bottom plate.
Mount the bottom plate and use a nut to tighten. The bottom section can be firmly tightened, the top must be a bit loose to align the arms left/right and up and down. 
Don' t tighten the nut on the copper screws too hard otherwise this will happen.
Mount the four landing mounts tightening them loosely, but enough so that they stay firm.
Place the frame on a table and align all legs, so that the frame is level on the table and all four legs are on the table.
Tighten the loose screws on the center plate, so the whole frame is tight.
To avoid drift and unstable flying, use your favourite levelling tool :-) was too lazy to get mine so found good use of a smart phone. Align the motor mounts so they are as level as possible then tighten the tube screw, so that the mount is firm.

1 st. impressions is that the build looks ok, but for 29 dollars, i have an expectation that it won't last that long. Mounting ESC' s neatly will be an issue and my favourite past time of mounting cables through the tubes presents a problem. The one tube will require drilling a hole to feed the cables through. The frame looks like it can mount the flight controller in X and + config. The motor mounts look quite weak, could be a cause of massive vibrations and a weak link in an event of a crash. I might have to find an alternative motor mount.
Another issue is the space for the electronics and cabling. There is not much room between the top and bottom plates to make a neat finish. I guess with this frame it' s going to be a simple quad carrying nothing unnecessary. No space for a power distribution board unless mounted on the top plate, will have to make some kind of harness.
The frame is pretty light weight 215 grams, i am guessing that my Turnigy NTM prop drives 1100 kv are pretty oversized on this frame, but not a motor expert so if you have a comment on this issue make sure to mention it.
Just a quick note. The mount holes for the flight controller in X mode, reside under the booms/arms, so if you want to to configure it in x mode make sure to do it as the first before mounting the plate, I had finished assembling the whole unit and had to disassemble it again to prepare for the flight controller. + config is not an issue as the holes can be reached quite easily.
Mount the plastic screws on the top plate if you are running your rig in x config.
remount all the booms/arm as stated previously.
Now you can easily mount your favourite flight controller.

Well after a couple of flights with this frame, I thought I would give my views on it. All in all the frame is very light and stabil frame, flying was very easy and due to the light weight it gave good flight times. It maneuvers nicely and quickly. 

Pros: The motor mounts tend to give way on landings, turning the motor just enough to unbalance it, this means that you have to center the motor once in a while when it starts to yaw. I tightened the bolt holding the mount, but did no good. I noticed that the mount is working its self into the carbon fiber tubing and slowly wearing it away. This will eventually become an issue as it will require a new tube. I have considered ordering a 12mm motor mount off ebay to use instead and moving the landing gear further inwards, loosening them a tad, so that they can give way if they endure a heavy landing, thus not wearing the tube.

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