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30AMP 30A SimonK firmware Brushless ESC w/ 3A 5V UBEC quad multi copter APM230AM

One of my Turnigy Multistar 20a ESC´s started playing up, I wanted to purchase a new Afro ESC with the simonK software pre flashed, but Hobbyking had the item on backorder and it often takes time to restock. I decided to try a cheaper Ebay esc to see if they were any good. So I purchased a 30 amp ESC for $8.40 with SimonK preflashed. Rather than wasting a bunch of money buying four and then finding out that they are useless. I ordered a single ESC to see how well they cope, if they are ok, i may purchase a few more.

30 amp ESC

The specifications for the given ESC are :

Max cont. current: 30A
Peak current: 40A
Voltage: 2-3S lipos
BEC: 5V/3A
Size: 50x23x8mm
Weight: 28g

The 30 amp ESC came packed in a sealed antistatic bag

 There are no bullet connectors mounted, so some soldering will be required, the wires are pretty flexible and the shrinking/finish is quite neat.

 I had to solder three female banana connectors on for the motor side and heat shrink the connections

 Two male connectors for the power side.
Connect the motors
 Plug in the power to the power distribution board and the signal cable. I am currently running 20amp ESC' s on the quad, mixing different amperage ESC's should not be a problem as long as they can handle your battery and motor setup.

Inital test seems ok, will have to see how it copes in flight and how the ESC holds up.

Well took a test flight with the cheap ebay esc and well it works pretty ok, I am not an expert on such matters and I hear talk on the different forums that these cheap ESC's are in actual only cable of pulling a max of 20 amps even though they are sold as 30 amps, I am not at all able to test this as my electrical knowledge does not go that far, all I can tell you is that they work fine on my setup running 4000 3s batteries, my other esc' s on this quad are turnigy multistar 20 amp and even with this mix in esc the whole setup is balanced. Buy at your own risk, how i do things is how i learn, buy original branded products and pay that bit more extra if you want something that works out of the box. If you are like me and like to play around testing different things, then well here is an option.

Verdict Been running on these ESC for a couple of months and so far flawless using 3s batteries, have now mounted on booms and the ESC's function without even getting warm. If you are looking for a cheap Ebay ESC alternative, then this you can count on. But be aware, these cheaper Ebay alternatives are not tested before they are packed and shipped, so you might receive one that does not function properly, the Ebay seller i use just usually sends me a new one without complaining or having me send the useless one back and shipping is relatively fast so within a week i get the replacements. So thats why you pay the extra dollars for the Hobbyking ESC's, I received 8 working esc's before i received two bad of the replacement that i arrived one was bad and now expecting that to rearrive shortly. But as i mentioned in a working state, these function flawlessly.
Update - oktober 15: Well after many months of flying, these ESC are still solid, though i must mention the last shipments i received were faulty, for every 4 i bought, at least two malfunctioned, took a while to get replacements from the seller and i guess he must be pretty tired of me, claiming that they don´t work.

What not to buy
I also purchased a single version of this cheaper ESC, this is one of the most common ESC' s on Ebay, so i thought i would give it a go. Priced at $7.60 it is just under the price of above 30 amp ESC
The specifications for the given ESC are :

Max cont. current: 30A
Peak current: 40A
Voltage: 2-4S lipos
BEC: 5V/3A
Size: 54x24x11mm
Weight: 28g

So roughly the same specs. This ESC was a massive disappointment. The first that arrived was mounted, throttle range was configured and I flew a full battery, with no issues. The next battery was mounted, the motor spun once and the ESC died. I was sent a new replacement ESC and practically the same issue. The ESC flew one full battery and on the second battery, the motor started choking and white smoke appeared from the ESC. The ESC smells burnt, so I would definitely not recommend this ESC, The red ESC' s mentioned above are still stabil and have now run 10-12 batteries without any issues whatsoever.

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  1. Afro esc were available 2 weeks before. I like this ESC that got enough juice for 5V supply, wow 3A! These afro esc are not giving much juice.
    I've also got my HK package and i'll have the motors these days. https://plus.google.com/photos/107852056227918760440/albums/6122098674200992737 These all i got so far, slightly will exceed my available budget. Currently spent 340Euro and plus the frame will be ~450E.
    Im currently trying to balance these P.O.S. props :D the hub just doesnt wont to.
    I've mounted a short shaft to the spacer and centered inside the prop, and tryed to balance them on same height water glass on level surface. Im thinking for a real prop balancer, because its getting a whole day to fix these props.
    How you do balance the props for your quad?

  2. I bought a cheap ebay balancer http://www.ebay.com/itm/Magnetic-Suspension-Propeller-Prop-Balancer-for-Multi-Rotor-Copter-New-C-P5-/121429585212?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c45c46d3c but i do not at the moment really bother to balance the propellers, seeing as i bump into objects, twigs, branches and so on the edges of the props become uneven, therefore in need of re-balancing again and again. I just tend to the cheap ebay props and concentrate on becoming a better pilot and tuning the quad to fly better, you will experience many crashes and broken props so balancing will become a tedious affair. Once my quad is tuned and flies well and i have adequate skills, in flying i intend to buy better more expensive props have them balanced then enjoy, until then i don´t really bother.