søndag den 31. maj 2015

10x4.5 SF Props For DJI Motor CCW Rotation

I bought a stack of these off a seller on Ebay, and initially thought they were the usual props I always purchased. Upon receiving i noticed that they looked very familiar with Hobbykings Slowfly props. The Ebay version has a slightly different hub designThey both have the same designed hub and design, are the same. I must say i was very very disappointed with this product both the hobbyking and the Ebay version. 90% of the props that I have used have broken in exactly the same spot. As you can see in the pictures, all the props have a weak link where the hub and propeller shaft meet.
The Hobbyking version (green) has a slightly different hub.

The prop design and pitch seem identical.

The light green prop is the Hobbyking version and it shares the same characteristics as the Ebay version though they do fare a bit better, but they are not impressive. 

These props break very easily often just small twigs and light crashes will cause the prop to break, just in a single 30 minute session, i have had to change three of these props.

The Hobbyking version has the same weak spot.

This is the version I thought i was buying, 10x4.5" 1045 Nylon CW CCW Propeller Prop Multicopter QuadCopter Black&Red these props i notice are more expensive, but I have always enjoyed using them, they coup much better than the recent ones i purchased. Despite them being much thinner and flexing more, they can take a bigger beating. They get tacky on the edges or the nylon rips on the prop arm. If you hit something hard a small peice will break off, but never had one break at the hub.

The no name prop is much thinner, causing it to flex more.

I hear alot of people talking positive about the Slowfly props from Hobbyking but for me that was the last time i purchused these, i would prefer to stay with the no name Chinese version of props.

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