torsdag den 28. maj 2015

Hobbyking H4 Quadcopter frame remodelled

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As mentioned in an earlier article on the Hobbyking H4, some of the cons were the landing gear and the thin alu booms and the carbon motor mounts. After a few what i would call relatively normal landings, the landing gear bent and after som time of benting i opted to dismantle the gear. The carbon motor mounts are relatively thin and broke. I replaced these with som alu mounts from hobbycnc. The booms also bent relatively easily so i replaced them with a stronger and more relaiable version.

If you are looking to do the same on your H4, check out how i went about it.

I went to my local hardware store and purchased a electricity box, they come in all shapes and sizes. I grabbed one with the thin rubber pods on the side so the I lead the wire into the box.
I purchased 6 of these alu booms both for the booms and the landing gear

I had to resize the booms to the desired length and redrill the mount holes for the body section. The motor end has the the right size holes if you purchase the motor mounts mentioned above from hobbycnc.

The speaker wire is poked through one of the rubber pads and can be hotglued to keep it in place

The landing gear was made using two motor arms/booms. I measured the distance between the two middle holes on the carriage and drilled a 3mm hole all the way through. I redrilled the top hole to a 10-12 mm so the stand-off screw could pass through. I tightened the the arm with a screw and applied som loctite to avoid it loosning. Using a Dremel I cut the excessive probing shaft of the screw and leveled it. Not so sure that the stand-off screws will hold, but they will do for now. I undid the the two middle screws and tightened the stand-off in their place.

I had to cut the corners of the locking mechanism to have the KK2 sit snug inside.

The battery can be mounted on the back or under the landing gear

The whole box is mounted with plastic stand-offs. The power distribution board is mounted at the bottom, it was locked in with a small stand-off, i measured and drilled four holes in the box, put the box on, tightened it with four low stand-offs. The KK2 was then mounted on these stand-offs and tightened down with plastic screws. 

hobbycnc motor alu motor mounts much more reliable and can take a relatively hard beating, they tend to just bent, a vice or a hammer can be used to level them out. I purchased mine some time in early 14, they are still going strong.

the wiring is done through the rubber pods keeping i neat and simple, i should have repainted the quad, but will get to that later.