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Carbon Fiber REPTILE X-Mode Alien 500 500mm Multicopter Quadcopter Frame Kit

A quick look at the Reptile X-mode Alien 500 quadcopter frame. The frame arrived nicely packed with the appropriate  screws, a battery strap and a mounting plate for a front faced camera and 4 vibration pads for the camera mounting plate. There is no manual with the shipment, so mounting is done by guess work. A very nice light frame, very easy to assemble, 

 The top and the bottom plate.

The arms are easily mounted on the top plate using four screws.

 I did not tighten the screws entirely until the bottom plate was mounted

 The CC3D was mounted on a CC3D Atom Flight Controller Anti-Vibration Damper Shock, this damper is a little too tall to fit under the hood as the wiring becomes an issue. The header pins from the ESC's were not able to fit without bending. I ended up removing the housing of the header pins and isolating each cable with heat shrink and mounting each signal cable on the CC3D.

 The dampening plate was mounted using plastic screws, these are of coarse not supplied, so you need to have hese lying around

 Very little space between the top plate and the CC3D header pins if you use the

 The bottom plate is mounted using two screws on each arm.

 The rig is very light, with only the flight controller mounted, it checks in 346 grams.

 The motors fit on the mount arms with no hassle, I did find the Hobbykings NTM 28-26 1100 motors had to be turned 90 degrees to mount all 4 screws. This meant that the wiring from the motors stuck out sideways, whilst the Sunnysky motors could be mounted so the wiring was parallel to the arm.

 A normal sized ESC fits  very neatly on the arm.

 A word of advice, always REMOVE your props when testing indoors, once again i failed to adhere to this and ended up cutting up my fingers on the props, while configuering the quad.

 What to do, if you don´t have any plaster to take care of your injuries. Gaffa tape and toilet paper can also take care of things.
i will post a few more photos of the finished product

Mounted a red LED lighton the right side for orientation purposes and a blue on the left

 The carriage is mounted with a white LED

 The battery is strapped down on top of the frame

The reciever is mounted with velcro to keep it from moving around

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