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Le Todar 2204 - 2300KV for QAV250

Le Todar 2204 2300KV

I decided that I wanted to build a QAV250 drone, I did some research on Ebay for the different parts needed, but as usual there are many options available, but little or no information or test data that confirms if a product has the desired quality.

The Le Todar 2204 2300KV Motor for Mini 250mm QAV250 QuadCopter Aircraft FPV looked to be an intresting choice but rather than ordering a set of 4 and being disappointed if the product was of a cheap quality, I ordered a single motor for reviewing.

These motors are  purchased at $6.69 plus $2.20 for shipping and shipped from China. Other motors of the same caliber are sold from Hobbyking at around $12-14, so a good price if these motors hold up.

These motors are supposably a rebranded MRM mini Titan solded at a whopping $26. Firstly look at the images and you will notice a striking resemblance, these two products look very identical. But again i have no evidence to prove my case.


Le Todar 2204 - 2300KV                        MRM Mini Titan V1 2204/2300kv Brushless motor

If we look at the bottom bearing the two products look identical, they have an oversized bearing and both have a 5mm hollow shaft to save weight

Other features of this motor are as follows;
Interchangeable propeller adapter for both traditional propeller and thin CF propeller
Flat motor base eliminate the need of shaft hole on any motor mount this motor comes with a countersunk c-clip, so you can mount it to any flat surface. Doesn't need a hole or x-mount

Bearings are 5x9x3 (MR95ZZ). 

490g of thrust with HQ 5x4 at 10.5A / 130W !  

Bolt on style prop - 2 styles  spinner and 2 blade CF adapter included
Shalf: M5

Bottom mounting Holes : 16mm*19mm 3m

Weight 21 grams
Compared to a propdrive 28-26s 1100 

The quality and the finish is of the Ebay Le Todar is actually very good and am looking forward to testing these motors. Tested this motor running a 3s 4000maH battery on a 30 simonK 30A esc, did not have a smaller ESC, so to avoid destroying the ESC i ran it at low RPMs, apart from resonance from the wooden surface, these moters are very quiet, run very smooth and plenty of punch, looks like the bearings are pretty solid on this unit, wow i am looking forward to putting these into action.

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