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Repairing my NTM Prop 28-26 drive motor

After building the Talon, i noticed the one motor vibrating quite a lot. I inspected the motor and came to realize that the top bearing was buggered. Rather than buying a new motor i set out to try repair it, and found out that i was quite easy.

To repair this motor your require 3 things, a C-clip 3mm, you can reuse the old one, but they are small and tend to disappear when remounting or disassembling the motor. I purchased a set of 100 off ebay for just over $4.

3mm Retaining Ring / Snap Ring / Circlip

You need at least the replacement bearing that is broken, but a good idea is to order both the top and bottom bearing for future purposes. I chose to try the more more cheaper bearings on ebay. You can find good quality bearings, but at a price that is some what half the price of purchasing a new motor

The top bearing is a 3 x 7 x3 mm that cost $5,85 for 10
10PCS 683zz 3*7*3 3x7x3mm Metal Shielded Metal Ball Bearings

The bottom bearing is a 3 x 8 x4 mm at the same price.
10PCS 693zz 3*8*4 3x8x4mm Metal Shielded Metal Ball Bearings

Shipping was around a week and a half for both the retaining ring and the bearings.
I simply removed the c-clip at the bottom of the motor, this enables you to take the motor apart.

The bearing as you see, was coming apart and needed replacing.

Using a screw driver i nudged the inner housing and the bearing out of the shell.

 Using small pliers i sort of loosen the outer shell by kind inserting the pliers between the outer housing and tried to force it up, the metal is pretty thin and weak, it eventually gave way and came out.

My bearing was shattered so i had to use a set of pliers to lever the remains of the outer casing of the bearing. If your bearing is still intact you could use a flat head screw driver through the opposite end to simply rest on the bearing and gently nudge it out. 
Inspect the motor around the magnets for loose ball bearings, they are quite small and stick to the magnets, remove them. 

Inspect the bell for loose ball bearings.

 Grab a 3 x 7 x 3 ball bearing for the top of the motor, put it in a plastic bag and submerge it in oil.
 Take the oiled bearing and insert it, press it hard to make sure it is sitting in place as far down as possible.

 Grab  a retaining ring and reinsert the bell on the motor, it should snap back on, so wath out your fingers don´t get caught.

 Inserting the retaining ring is a tricky affair, but i simply used my fingers to keep the one edge in place and my other fingers to push the clip in place...and viola....your motor is as good as new

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  1. Great article! Thanks for the information, I think others will find this useful. cheerrss!!

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  2. Thanks for the support and you are welcome.

  3. how are your experiences with these bearings?
    Better then the standard ones?


  4. Well they are cheaper than the japanese bearings people are suggesting, but my experience is they are ok, i have only changed them once in the last year so they hold up pretty much ok