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Turnigy Talon Carbon Frame motor mount modification

One of the major draw backs of the Talon frame is the Landing gear/ motor mount combination. Angled landings or light bumps cause the mount to shift its position, Even with very tight screws they still seemed to move. This meant trimming every time I took off. This was pretty annoying so I looked for a wat to modify the mount.

 The original mount, I moved further down the arm to make space for another option. I loosened them slightly just so that they can give way on hard landings.

Iordered 4x12mm motor mount off Ebay, there are sereval options available, both in Carbon, plastic and Alu. I opted for this as my other Alu mounts have coped quite well and withstand quite a lot of bad treatment. Link to the referred mounts.
The price was quite steep compared to CNC-Soloutions where i bought my other mounts $7.80 a piece, the plastic mounts are cheaper than these but i would reckon these would hold up longer.

Pretty light 7 grams pr. mount. The bottom clip is threaded in all three holes, so no need to have extra nuts to tie it down, the middle hole, can be used to stop the mount from rotating. Mine is just tightened for now, if it does not hold the mount, i might drill a 3mm hole through the arm and tighten the screw through this hole.

There are no screws when purchasing these mounts so you need at least 12 M3 bolts of at least 8mm in length if you don´t have any, well purchase a few off ebay, these are very handy and are used in many aspects of multirotor building. Bolts for the motor mounts

 I mounted the 12mm motor mount and simply tightened it down.
On the opposite side the middle hole is used to prevent the mount from moving, you need to drill a 3mm hole. I opted not to drill a hole yet, will first see how it behaves before drilling the frame.

 The mount holes do not seem to fit a standard motor, only two of the bolts can be mounted, the remaining two holes are a bit off center and would require a modification.

Well ready to mount, your motor and hopefully you have a bit more stability.

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  1. Hi, i have a very similar setup: http://www.reddit.com/r/diydrones/comments/37y604/talon_quad_v1_framesunnysky_x2212_kv980_motor/

    Do you think is possible to mount the sunnysky with the default mount? i already ordered the red ones shown in this article. Thank you.


  2. I actually don' t recall what the standard mount looks like, but i think that the sunnysky motors would fit without a problem on the standard mounts.