fredag den 3. januar 2014

A small trick to quickly mount and dismount your gimbal

Well my heatshrink finally arrived, time to get busy. The last time i flew the gimbal kind of fell apart, had to get my tools, unscrew the top housing to remove the wiring under the frame, remount everything before flying again, took about 10 minutes standing in the cold, too long...
So i wanted to find a new and quicker way of removing everything and though up something very simple, all you need are solder skills, even shitty ones like mine, a bit of cable, and two JST connectors.
The idea is to combine both + cables from the two gimbals and both - cables, connect the + them and add a wire thats long enough to reach the edge of your frame, at the end of the wire, do this with the - wire then solder a JST female plug, heatshrink the cables as you normaly would do, then add a coloured heatshrink on the outside.
The two signal wires from the gimbals are also fed up to the edge of the frame they are soldered onto a JST connector, remember to note which side is soldered where, as you will need to connect them correctly on the flight controller, i didn´t have an extra JST female, so used a power switch connecter from an old PC works fne. If you get confused and forget which was roll and pitch, plug the signal cable of the gimbal into one of the reciever ports, Throttle, yaw, ailiron or elevator, turn on your transmitter and move the sticks, your gimbals should react thus finding out which is which.

 The cables is then mounted into a JST male connector that is superglued on the frame, the left side which is the power, red for + and  black for -, has also been heatshrinked so  as not to confuse the two connectors. The right side is the signal, one for pitch, the other for roll.

The power cables are fed to your power source, in my case i have a UBEC where i branched the cables and have power for different units, like the flight controller, reciever etc.

The unit can be unmounted or mounted in 30 secs. flat

30. seconds later....

 The two superglued connectors run under the frame, the left  providing power to both gimbal and the right sendes the two signals, one for roll, the other for pitch to the flight controller.
Anyway just another crazy idea....hope you can use it....

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