fredag den 3. januar 2014

Gain flight time by stabilizing your battery

Stabilizing the quad was for me a daugnting task, when i first powered the quad and tried testing it, it simply shook in all directions and was unflyable, searching the net, i read about PID tuning and have to this day still not mastered it correctly, but hopefully i will learn it at some stage. One of the main issues i had when i PID tuned and tested was that the quad kept drifting to the one side, i was convinced that this had to do with the PID tuning being wrong, as i thought that the flight controller would automatically compensate in keeping the quad level so i kept at it and never did find the answer until i after searching the internet i found a thread that explained this issue, after realising that it had more to do with the quads center of gravity, using the transmitt i trimmed the quad accordingly and was able to fly.

After some time of flying i got fustrated because i had to ever so often trim the quad everytime the battery moved this due to a heavy landing or simply because it wasn´t strapped down hard enough, i got extra straps, but the didn´t solve the problem.

The X650F frames comes with a small battery holder, which is almost impossible to stabilize the battery in the same position, so i decided to get rid of it.
After getting rid of it, i mounted the battery directly on the frame, used two velcro straps to stabilise it and that helped somewhat, but small movements still occured.
and time was still being spent trimming. I went down to the local fabric store and bought some velcro with tape on the opposite ends.
Taped some velcro on the battery mount and a bit on the battery. Mounted the battery and used the straps i previously had to tie it down and now my center of gravity is always the same, if you use different batteries you could align each battery and mark the spot, so you can place the battery at the same spot each time. 

If you have some other crazy idea let me know, it might be worth while trying and sharing with others....

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