søndag den 12. januar 2014

BradWII firmware

I´ve read a lot of stuff lately on quads and yesterday when i searched Google for the term "auto pid tuning" it mentioned Bradwii, clicking on the article, i found a firmware coded by this guy Brad, part of his code was ported from Multiwii. The intresting thing about his firmware was what it has to offer.
Take a look at this list:-

- Level, Acro, and Semi-Acro flight modes. - Multi-Wii Config compatible (including bluetooth apps, etc). Works on any (and multiple) serial ports. - Simplified settings means there are fewer things (especially PID) that need to be adjusted. - Auto PID tuning! - Position Hold - Mag Hold - Altitude Hold - Return to Home - Standard or DSM2 Satellite receivers - Throttle Helper - Automatically applies extra throttle when tilted in attempt to maintain attitude. - Uncrashability Mode - Takes over when you get below critical attitude or get too far away. Practice those Acro maneuvers without being able to dumb-thumb it!

Not bad...two things really wanted me to try this firmware, the Auto PID tuning and the Uncrashability Mode, if i could run on a correctly PID tuned quad and have the ability to fly without crushing all the time, it would give me some valuable flight time.

unless you can program, the firmware currently runs on these three Hobbyking boards:

- Multi-Wii Pro 2.0
- Multi-Wii 328p
- Multi-Wii NanoWii

No libraries are required to flash the firmware and flashing the firmware is done pretty quickly compared to MegapirateNG, only one file has to be edited and that is config.h,the Bradwii har support for bluetooth and GPS, but my Gimbal was not coded in the software so had to loose that. After flashing. It can be run on MultiWII GUI 2.2.

Took my quad for a spin in the garden where i had my previous crashes in the neighbours garden and with the default settings the quad was very stable, didn' t try the auto PID tuning as i might require more space than my back garden. Must say i am pretty impressed, found a soccer field and here i gained some good flight time, no broken props, and gave me a chance to learn flying. Very stable and quick to trim. This is a good beginner firmware.

Look at this site for more info on this firmware



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  1. Hi, Do you think it is possible to use BradWii on a regular arduino mega board? I've good programming skill but I don't want it to take much time from me.


  2. I have no idea, apparently if it is a Arduino Mega 2560 then it should be possible with a bit of programming, but i am not at guru at stuff like that, the Multiwii was simple needed no modifications. I am currently searching for a Bradwii firmware for the Crius AIOP 2.0 which also has a Mega 2560, but it seems no one has taken the time to program it yet. There is a discussion going on about flashing using Bradwii software her. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1922403&page=36