onsdag den 1. januar 2014

From one novice to another

Flying a quad is not as easy as it looks, i usually go into my garden and  train my lifting off, hoovering in the same spot, then start manouvering around. As often, the quad may start to drift or i end up pulling the wrong stick so the quad goes in the wrong direction...then it suddenly ends up on its way over the hedge into the nieghbours garden...what to do panic...drop the throttle, the quad comes crushing to the ground. Upon inspection broken props again. Firstly if i flew the damn thing on an open field, then  i would have more space to learn...anyway rather than buy props from your local store, search Ebay for bulk props, they are adequate for learning and breaking and cost next to nothing, they are not very well built in comparism with other models, they are thinner and probably not balanced properly but they do help you learn to fly your quad keeping the cost at a minimum. i bought a set of 8 pcs Nylon 10x4.5"  Propellers for the sole price of $7 including postage, Hobbyking are relatively cheap on their props around $8,50, but then i have to deal with the $8 dollars charged for postage and the fact that the European warehouse often has no stocks available. My local store charges about $6 per prop, pretty steep price for learning to fly a quad.

Read extensive prop reviews and buy expensive props and propeller balancers once you have become an expert, until then save the money...

 Take a guess.. one prop is from Ebay and is made in China, the other is a Hobbyking version
The red prop is the Ebay version, it has a thinner blade, holds up quite well despite the price and the quality.

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